UV Stop / Transzparens / 1 L

UV Stop  /  Transzparens / 1 L
Netto 65 EUR + VAT 18 EUR

Rubio Monocoat UV-Stop is a water-based pre-treatment for wood inclined to yellowing (eg.: spruce, ash, etc.). It can be used for both Oil Plus 2C and Hybrid Wood Protector.

  • Free from VOC (0%)
  • For both manual and industrial use
  • Soft, yellowing wood
  • Can also be used to treat exterior and interior wood surfaces
  • Drying time: 12-24 óra
  • Occupancy: ~ 15-35 m2/L
  • Packaging: 100 ml and 1 L bottles, 5 L and 10 L cans

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Consumption of RMC UV Stop may vary due to the following parameters:

  • Different wood densities: the softer the wood, the higher the consumption.
  • Moisture content of the wood: The wood must be dry.
  • Ambient temperature: 15 C to 27 ° and relative humidity less than 80%. Do not use in full sunlight or high temperatures.
  • Proper preparation: Consumption depends on the quality of wood sanding, brushing or planing.

Usage examples
New tree: 1l = approx. 20-35 m² (approx. 30-50 g / m²)
Resinous wood species and soft woods: 1l = approx. 15-20 m²) (about 50-60 g / m²)
Exotic woods and hardwoods: The wood must be completely coated with RMC UV Stop. The specified quantities must not be exceeded.

The information on this consumption is for information only. The results depend on the type of wood and the type of preparation. The exact consumption can only be determined on the given surface.

1 L
UV Stop
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Netto 65 EUR + VAT 18 EUR

Only apply to completely untreated wood, if there is an even older protective layer, it must be completely removed beforehand.

  1. Clean the surface with RMC Cleaner. Apply RMC UV Stop with a spray gun, tassel brush, paint roller or cloth.
  2. Wait until the surface is completely dry. Then apply RMC Oil Plus 2C or RMC Hybrid Wood Protector.