Oil Plus 2C B - Komponens / 5 L

Oil Plus 2C  B - Komponens  /  5 L
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RMC Oil Plus 2C - B - Component

RMC Oil Plus 2C Set is the latest generation of wood preservative oils that color and protect wood in a single coat. It consists of two components:

Component B is the second component of the Oil Plus 2C Set, which accelerates the drying of the oil and forms another wear-resistant layer on the surface.

To 1 liter of oil (Component A) add 300 ml of setting accelerator (Component B).

We recommend the use of the B-Component / accelerator for the treatment of surfaces subject to higher mechanical stress, such as the surface of floors, counters and tables.

Using the B-Component, the interface:

  • it will be more durable, more resistant to damage
  • drying time is significantly shortened: ~ 5 days

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  • Physical state at 20 ° C: liquid
  • Colour: colourless
  • Odour: odourless
  • Flashpoint [° C]:> 160 ° C (with closed cap)
  • VOC content: 0 g / L

B-Component is an additional product of A-Component, a setting accelerator that accelerates the drying of the surface and makes it more durable.

5 L
Article No.
5.5 kg/db

RMC Oil Plus 2C A - and B - Component mixing:

  1. Component A is stirred until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  2. Thoroughly mix the two components by adding 300 ml of B-Component Curing Accelerator to 1 L of A-Component Oil.
  3. RMC Oil Plus 2C should be used within 4-6 hours of mixing, so be sure to mix only as much oil as you can safely use within this time interval.

You can find the instructions for the RMC Oil Plus 2C Set and further videos on its use at this link.