Nano Industrial / Brown Teak - P802 - 100 ml

Nano Industrial  /  Brown Teak - P802 - 100 ml
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Nano Industrial - Quick-drying non-reactive stain for industrial use

Rubio Monocoat Nano Industrial is an industrial pre-paint based on nanotechnology, a stain for the creative pre-painting of wood on an industrial production line. The product does not react with the natural tannic acid in the wood and gives the wood an even colour.

Rubio Monocoat Nano Industrial wood treatment is always finished with RMC Oil. The combination of these products offers unlimited creative possibilities while guaranteeing the optimal molecular bond of RMC Oil with wood.

  • Dries quickly: excellent for industrial applications
  • Does not emit toxic or irritating fumes
  • Available in 9 different shades
  • Contrasting or complementary colour effects
  • The colours can be mixed

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Colour tips

  • The RMC Nano Industrials are a separate product category. They should not be mixed with colours from the RMC Precolor Easy range.
  • To reduce the pink shine in oak, we recommend the use of RMC Nano Industrial White 01.
  • The shades can be made lighter by using RMC Nano Industrial Dilution Medium.


The product can be stored for 12 months in a dry environment and in the original packaging. Keep safe from frost.

100 ml
Brown Teak - P802
Nano Industrial
Article No.
100 g/db
  1. After preparation, apply the product with a rollercoater or spray device.
  2. The drying time can be minimized by using a hot air drying tunnel that allows continuous working.
  3. After the product has dried, any colour from the RMC Oil range can be applied in a single layer.
  4. If necessary, any raised fibre that remains between the application of the product and the final layer can be lightly sanded.